Non Smoking Assistant



It is very difficult for a smoker to non smoking suddenly.
Why not start with your save smoking?

This app is an app that supports your moderation in smoking/non smoking.

It's show that as the amount of money to save the situation moderation in smoking-non smoking.
Even if you can not stand the smoke, you see the exact circumstances savings can be minus from savings with one touch.
Number of cigarettes smoked daily, the amount saved will be displayed in the graph, you can check the progress of the non smoking.

** Using a simple explanation **
# Please set the information currently smoke tobacco have to launch the app, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day, the goal savings amount.
# Please place the widget in this application back to the home screen.
# Touch the "+" button of the widget you've smoked, please record the number of smokers.
# If you start the app at any time after the savings amount is displayed.

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