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Novecro Pedometer turns your phone into a complete and accurate pedometer very easy to use with a great interface. This high – quality app is used to get data on your daily workouts (walking, running and hiking) so that you can go back later and inspect your progress. It will meet all of your expectations.

View past workouts either from a present range of dates or by custom selecting the month you wish to review! Sort your workouts based on various components (Date, Steps, Duration, Distance and Calories burned).

See your graphs for every workout, weekly or monthly graphs of any aspect of your workout (duration, steps, distance, calories burned and average speed).
It helps you to lose weight, lower your blood pressure and feel better.

•Detailed history of your workouts (Duration, Steps, Distance, Calories, Average Speed, Average Pace, Average Step Frequency)
•Chart representation
•Overall workout statistics
•Normal and Goal workout
•Track route using GPS
•GPS position filtering
•Low power mode for long workouts
•Accelerometer filtering
•Voice feedback
•Build in music player
•Edit your profile (height, weight for accurate calorie count)
•BMI Calculator
•Widget skin colors: black and white 4X1

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1.As the accelerometer works by measuring the movement of the phone, it is necessary to have the phone firmly connected on your body.
2.Each phone manufacturer uses different brands of accelerometers making it even more difficult to have a universal way of accurately measuring steps for all devices. Please choose the sensitivity level that works best for your phone.

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