Nutri Explorer



Within Nutri Explorer, you will get detailed nutrition information for almost 8,000 kinds of food and beverages from the USDA database (SR 24, September 2011). Additional tool helps you to find a food with the lowest or highest amount of a given nutrient.

The application has the following features:

* Easy-to-use search engine which shows results grouped by 25 food groups

* Shows detailed nutrition data for the selected food item

* Displays up to 80+ nutrients for each food item: vitamins, minerals, microelements, calories, fatty acids, amino acids etc.

* Daily Reference Intakes (DRI) for men, women, children, infants, pregnant and lactating women, split in several sub-categories

* One or more common household measure instead of a default weight

* Sorted list with max or min values of the selected nutrient (first 100 food items)

* Copies data to the SD memory card

* Can be shared with Intent (Enables integration with other applications by using Android's Intent mechanism)

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