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    Nutrition Help.

    This simple application provides you help to compose balanced meal.

    As a prerequisite, a rough knowledge of food composition helps to compose balanced meals.

    The system is provided with an official database of 1300 different foods with exact composition in protein, carbohydrates, lipids.

    Warning, people with special health condition should use this app with care and have a physician advice.

    The database is initialized only once. This process takes about 1-2 minutes.

    Enter your personal data (age, height, weight, sex, activity level, goal).
    Then click on the compute button. You basal metabolism will be computed and also your daily needs in calories, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates.
    You can change the values, if you think you need more or less.

    Save your personal data.

    You may create list of favorite food to be reused when composing your meal. (For instance, one liste per type of meal, or one list per kind of food, or one list per season, ...). This lists can be reused when composing your meals so that it is faster to find your favorite foods.
    One example is given.

    You can then set types of meal. The app is given with an example that you may adapt to your own condition. Set how calories are distributed on all meals. Choose mandatory food groups for each meal.

    You can then compose a meal. First choose the type of meal (breakfast, ...). Choose the food you want to eat. You can search for food by categories, with the previously set lists, or simply by searching a word.

    Notice than at least one food of every mandatory food group has to be present in your meal.

    Once all food chosen, click on the compute button and the system will compute the amount of each food to be eaten so that your meal is balanced according to the protein, lipids and carbohydrates amount set in the personal data.

    If a balanced meal can be found, the result is shown in a list. Each item of the list can be expanded so that you can see how much of lipids, protein, carbohydrates, it brings.

    In case no result can be found, it means that no balanced meal can be found. An indication is displayed saying what is missing in your meal (protein, lipids, carbs). Then select another food and start computation again.

    Just before you start computation, you can choose which of cholesterol, sugars or sodium should be minized in the meal.

    Please remember that each time there is a list, you can click on an item to have a menu displayed with options that apply to the item.

    The app is delivered with a database of 1300 different food with their composition in terms of lipids, proteins, carbs, cholesterol, sugars, and sodium.
    This database is provided by ANSES (

    Daily nutritional need computation formulas are provided by l'EUFIC (EUROPEAN FOOD INFORMATION COUNCIL)



    This application is free at download in a basic mode which enables you to compute meals.


    It uses Google market securized online billing process.

    By downloading the app, you agree to the above terms.

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