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Beneficial sounds for pain killer and healing .
Your device will transmits Pain relief signals.
This free version has time limits.

Now the non free app has a better quality of sound; try this free one with low quality, for free !

Healing session with you smartphone, simply by listen to the beneficial sound of this app.

In this app you can choose two programs: 1 pain relief, 2 healing frequencies.
Use it as a pain killer! It is not binaural. Does not need headphones.

How to use WellWave PainKill app:
A- Listening – Keeping the smartphone in the room at very low volume or,
B- Direct to the body - by keeping your smartphone in the pocket .

The app generates different frequencies and and harmonics of them. They pass trough the body by a resonance effect.
Is suggested to run the app for 20min .

How it works?
I plays specific sounds wave, chosen from known healing frequencies .
I experience many years the use of this healing frequencies with expensive devices.
I’m happy now to propose this app for mobiles !
This is not binaural.
Visit my website for more info about this method.
The sounds of WellWave resonate in your body – also if the volume is low. Try the pleasant effect!

It has 2 programs:
Program 1 - emits special waves that stimulates general health.
Program 1 - emits different frequencies that works as pain killer.

This is a generic healing tones generator. Look at my others app for specific diseases relief; they have extra features frequencies.
This method is not a substitute of a medical cure.

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