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**[Pedometer Widget for Smart e-SMBG] requires the latest version Smart e-SMBG App**

[Pedometer Widget for Smart e-SMBG] record how many steps you made and save to [Smart e-SMBG] as “Number of steps” data. And if you want to input data like “Event” or “Mealtime” of [Smart e-SMBG] , It is easy to access from Widget.

【2 types of Widget】
- PedometerWidget1x2:Pedometer ON, OFF/Remove to Pedometer screen of [Smart e-SMBG]
- PedometerWidget1x4:Pedometer ON, OFF/Remove to Pedometer screen and Event/Mealtime Input page of [Smart e-SMBG]

【How to install】
Once you install [Pedometer Widget for Smart e-SMBG], tap and hold on the home screen, then select Widget1x2 or 1x4 from the popup.

【The purpose of this Widget】
Pedometer Widget used to be unable to work, when [Smart e-SMBG] App was installed in SD card. Now with [Pedometer Widget for Smart e-SMBG], you can use Pedometer Widget, wherever [Smart wherever e-SMBG] App is installed,
We want every user to have the best operating environment for [Smart e-SMBG].

*[Smart e-SMBG] offer many useful function for Diabetic patient, like “Blood sugar level management”, ”Diet record”, ”Pedometer”“Vital Records Control ”

At sleep status, Some Smartphone sensor doesn't work and unable to count steps.
This is not a bug.

- Sensitivity:There is individual variability in the sensor of Smartphone. Please try adjusting the sensitivity setting that matches your mobile.
- Default step: "Default step" is setting to prevent to count steps with only touching Smartphone. Pedometer start counting when you make steps until Default step.

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