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Pedometer Lite counts your steps, calculate and displays your pace, approximate distance, speed and calories burned. It also can speak the warning in US English.
Pedometer Lite can be use when you do exercise like walking or running.
Before use you could open Setting, set your step length, units, exercise type, weight
If the accuracy is low you need to calibrate the software by adjusting the sensitivity setting, carry the phone/tablet in your pocket and count your step, repeat when sensitivity level correct with you.

- Works best when attached firmly to your body and after calibrate.
- Not suitable for all day use because of consumes power constantly.
- On some phone/tablet it can't count the steps when the screen is off, try change the "Operational level" setting that work for your device.
- You can set a desired pace/speed, speaking intervals and get notified by voice when you have to go faster or slower.

*About Permissions
WAKE_LOCK: for running when the screen is off.

*We collect anonymous data and error report for improving the software (Google Analytics)

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