Pedometer -Pe-



It is the pedometer application corresponding to a simple widget.

The number of steps is measured, a consumption calorie and the amount of fat combustion are displayed, and goal setting and a history inspection are possible.

The present number of steps is displayed on a widget, and it can check even from a top screen.

Since it changes automatically even if the date changes, it is not necessary to care about time.

Since the change of a start and stop of measurement is possible, a battery amount of consumption can be stopped at worst.

- Notes -
The best measurement result is obtained by the state where the cellular phone was stuck on the body.
in the state where a cellular phone separates from the body of a larger pocket, a bag, etc., it may be correctly alike and may be unable to measure.
Even if it does not perform a setup etc., it can be used, but since some items are not measured in that case, please use it after setting all up.

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