Perfect Diet



Republished on May 18th, 2015.

The diet proposed in this book is healthy, always available, simple to prepare and cheap. In this diet, you do not count calories, the child can eat whenever it's hungry, and everybody is relaxed.

The diet consists mostly of raw food, but not entirely. This diet is not a vegan or vegetarian diet either. It rejects industrially processed foods. It is a perfect diet because it completely meets the needs of a child without artificial supplements.

Being written by a professional pediatrician, the book is somewhat geared to the babies and younger children. The principles, however, apply to all age groups so adults can use it too.

The benefits of this diet go beyond simple loosing weight. Once the child's body stops being intoxicated by trash food, a new child will start to emerge: well balanced, calm minded, full of strength and ambition. Give your body a chance!

Table of Contents

Perfect Diet for an Obese Child and/or Adult

What NOT to Eat in the Perfect Diet

Why Raw Food is Good?

The Basic Rules To Bring Health, Vitality, and Joy

What Is Allowed In the Perfect Diet?

The Basic Principles of Perfect Diet

Example Recipes

Fruit Drink; Vegetable Salad

Why This Book Contains Only Two Recipes

The Recommended Meal Scheme

This End is Just a Beginning

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