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Download this app in order to change your eating habits for the better and for ever!

This book is short and simplified on purpose. There is no expert medical lingo nor any kind of mistifications in it. This book is the return towards our primary instincts and needs – eat right and your immunity will shoot through the roof.

In this book there are neither hundreds of recipes nor hard schedules for feeding the child. This kind of nutrition relaxes the entire family.

Perfect diet for your child is simple, there is not much cooking to be done. It also is cheaper and there are no predefined quantities that should be adhered to. It can be used in every country of the world, in every season of the year.

If you feed your child according to this book, you will surely have a healthier child, well balanced and calm minded. It will be a pleasure to watch it grow. However, teenagers and adults of all ages will also benefit from the advice from this book so please download it now.

Boost Your Child's Immunity With Perfect Food



Perfect Food And High Immunity

Food -- Friend or Foe?

The Consequences of Eating Acid Food

The Rules for Health, Vitality and Joy

The Perfect Diet

How to prepare

Fruit Drink (example); Vegetable Salad (example)

The absence of strict recipes is freedom.

A Recommended Scheme of Meals

Food For Baby up to 1 Year of Age

Baby at the Age of 4 Months

Baby at the age of 5 months

Baby at the Age of 6 Months

Baby at the Age of 9-12 Months

Some Diseases Tightly Tied To Nutrition

Perfect Diet and the ADHD

Perfect Diet and the ASTHMA

Perfect Diet and the ECZEMA

Perfect Diet and the GLUE EAR

Perfect Diet and the OPSTIPATION

Perfect Diet and the ANEMIA

Perfect Diet and the OBESITY

How Can Your Child Grow Healthy?

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