Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)


Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)'s review


More than just tracking your period: mood, flow, weight, and more

  • Tracks menstruation/ovulation
  • Huge support community
  • Tracks weight/mood
  • Free non-customizable
  • Does not save

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"Track Your Period And More"


With Period Tracker, you'll never be surprised by a visit from Aunt Flo. This handy app keeps track not only of your cycle, but also connects you with women from around the world. With its calender style design, it's easy to track weight, mood, and menstruation and you can input the information in less than a minute. It has an easy to use interface that isn't as Girly as some of the others.


Not only does Period Tracker track your periods, but it also lets you know when you're ovulating and the days you're fertile. It connects you with other women for support and can help you recognize emotional and physical symptoms of your period.


Free version is not customizable. If you uninstall or change phones, it does not save the information.

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