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    Pocket Fitness will profile your fitness capabilities, and find workouts perfect for you! It tracks your progress, starting with your beginning weight, through your journey to your goal.
    When you complete the Fitness Profile page and a few simple tests, Pocket Fitness will calculate just how fit you are. From that, you will be assigned specific workouts that will help you lose weight!
    With this application you can view your fitness statistics, including your BMI (body mass index), your weight classification, how far away you are from your goal, and more.
    On the home screen, you can enter a new weight or a new goal weight.
    Pocket Fitness will start you on the weight loss journey, ensuring that your workouts are engineered perfectly for you. Pocket Fitness is a personal fitness workout manager, all from your pocket. Its workouts are written by a true fitness professional. Using Pocket Fitness is like having a trainer with you all the time. With this application, you will begin your journey to a better body and a better life.

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