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This tool is designed to help you along the Weight Watchers PointsPlus diet.
With over 37,000 food/drink items loaded into the app you can easily search for your
item and see the amount of PointsPlus already calculated.

✔ Over 37,000 Food items loaded into the app
✔ Restaurant food items included
✔ Over 3800 Recipes with PointsPlus already calculated
✔ Daily tracker to manage your daily/weekly allowance
✔ Daily allowance calculator
✔ PointsPlus Calculator
✔ Simple and Easy to use

You also have access to a catalogue over 3800 recipes designed for the PointsPlus diet again with
PointsPlus values already calculated.

In the rare case that an item is not already in the list then you can quickly and easily use the
accurate calculator to work out the PointsPlus value for the item. This item can then
be added to the database so you can quickly search and recall the item later.

You can set your PointsPlus allowance and add items to your daily tracker. The tracker will
show you your daily usage and weekly usage.

If you don't already know your daily allowance then you can use the allowance calculator to work out
your allowance and start dieting straight away.

The internet is needed to download the recipe details and pictures, all food items can be searched without an internet connection

This version is aimed at the US market.

Point Tracker is in no way affiliated with Weight Watchers
WEIGHT WATCHERS and PointsPlus are the registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International

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