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    Positive Statements For granted now in your phone!
    The application is available in English for all users who wish to be positive, think positively and also make someone positive. It gives optimism changing your mood every day bringing happiness in your life.
    What considers the interface , it is very friendly, which includes a video and music playing, thus giving a feeling of calmness and serenity.
    There are around 2000 statements to provide you a happy and confident self-development in your daily life. It is a funny and at the same time easy way to change your negative thoughts and feelings and help you manage a healthy, positive lifestyle.
    The way you think is the way you live your life. So, be influenced by only positive thoughts to live a happy life. Using this application you control your thoughts, thus living the life of your dreams. The program can read automatically the affirmation you want and you can quickly send it to your friends or share. With our exclusive new technology you will ensure your mind to attract whatever you want in life. Your mind will be programmed to effectively attract health, wealth and happiness. Change your life! Download now!

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