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The Baby Preparation Kit is an app that will help you track and record all important information needed throughout your pregnancy.

The Contraction Timer helps you time, record your contractions and helps you recognize stages of labor.

The Checklist allows you to create custom TO DO lists of things you want to get done before the big date.

The Movement Recorder lets you record all movements of your little one while inside you. This helps you figure out routines and trends in movements and moods before the baby is born.

The Water Break option allows you to record TACO in the case your water breaks so you can accurately inform your healthcare professional.

There is also an Instruction Manual included that will teach you how to use the app, as well as an FAQ that will include questions asked by other users. (to ask questions, please email

Let us know what you think of the app and what new features you would like to see. Also, look for our other apps in the market soon. Hope you enjoy the app!

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Disclaimer: Baby Prep Kit is not intended to replace any advice given by a health care professional nor is it intended to be used as a diagnostics tool. Please always ask and follow the advice of your chosen health care professionals.

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