Pregnancy Disc




    Pregnancy Disc, your journey begins here.

    Great baby tracker with when to expect date.
    The most extensive pregnancy tracker in the market.

    A pregnancy app for week by week baby tracking that allows for comprehensive tracking of your pregnancy. The application tracks important milestones in this wonderful journey you and your partner go through. Information you can expect to have is when the baby’s heart starts beating, when he or she will start sucking her thumb, and when she or he will start to turn in preparation for birth. Also, great ultrasound 2D and 3D images allow you to impress the stages of your pregnancy.

    Unique features inside this application:

    * Pregnancy disc, also known as pregnancy wheel or gestation calculator predicts the dates of your pregnancy, week by week, that way you'll know what the dates are in each pregnancy week and vice versa. The disc enables you to plan accordingly your medical appointments, flights, baby showers and so on.

    * 42 weeks information – the application provides a wealth of information about your pregnancy at your fingertips. Everything you need to know prior to birth for you and your partner.

    * Great ultrasound 2D and 3D images.

    * Pregnancy glossary - An alphabetic list of basic pregnancy terms that are often used in doctor’s offices, patient leaflets and among health care professionals.

    * Pregnancy Tips.

    * Baby Names.

    To use the pregnancy disc, simply provide one of the following:
    (i) The date of your last menstrual period,
    (ii) Your conception date
    (iii) The expected due date.
    For any question or app related issue, please contact

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