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Protein Recipes. Attention: This protein recipes app is not for wussies. If going to the gym is an activity you enjoy and take seriously, then this high protein recipes app is for you!

It has exactly the protein recipe ideas you need in the kitchen, to help you reach your goals in the gym. Can't cook? No problem! Every high protein recipe in this application has a detailed video explaining each step of the preparation/cooking process.

With over 30 real high protein meal ideas to start with, Built in Amazon Supplement Shop for Germany, United Kingdom, the United States, detailed video instructions and regular updates you won't be left hungry - and neither will your muscles!

So what are you waiting for? Download Protein Recipes in under a minute and reward your muscles with these important Macro-nutrients for a lifetime!

IMPORTANT: YouTube App for Android is required to watch videos. Please ensure you have it installed and that it is up-to-date! Also if following video instructions, use the ingredients noted in the video. The ingredients/quantities provided may slightly differ from those in the video.

Got some great recipe ideas? Why not share?!
Please send a list of ingredients, directions, and optionally a youtube video (can also be your own, views will be added to your video) to: with the subject "Protein Recipes Suggestion"

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