Pulse Oximeter with NFC



Pulse Oximeter with NFC is an application with following features :

1) To Read, Record , Monitor and Analyze Patient/User SpO2 and Pulse Rate from ST Pulse Oximeter device through NFC interface. ST Pulse Oximeter is integrated with M24LRxxE (Dynamic NFC /RFID Tag) to record SpO2 and Pulse Rate with date time stamp in its memory.
2)NFC based android phone can be used to read M24LRxxE and then to show the following :-

a) Application can be used to read Spo2 and Pulse Rate readings from M24LRxxE using NFC interface.
b) It can be used to show a user friendly graphical representation of history of readings in form of plot ( SpO2 vs Date-Time and Pulse Rate vs Date Time).
c) Application can also upload the health data to Microsoft HealthVault website on one click.
d) Pulse Oximeter device can be configured using Application like Manufacturer ID , Device Name etc . can be modified using application.

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