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by Peter Warrior

It's meant to be your personal trainer.

  • Free, no ads.
  • Some advice to do the pushups correctly would be appreciated.
  • It could cheer you or motivate you elsehow.

"Aye, sir!"

This simple application is intended to help us to achieve the goal we have set.

First off, we're asked about how many pushups do we ultimately want to be able to do in a row. To let you get an idea, there's a range up to 125, so if you haven't kept fit recently it'd be better to choose the minimum (50)

Then it asks you how many pushups you can do in a row and the app presents a set to do. Reviewing this app we said we can do ten in a row and our goal was the herculean feat of doing 50. It set on something like 5-4-6-5 with a 75" rest between each row. When we ended the app asked if we felt it was a easy, so-so or hard workout so it could adjust the exercise regimen based on how taxing you think the number of push ups were and then it kindly remembered us to take a day of rest before the next workout.

Global progress is shown in a percentage bar. Don't lost your sight from your goal. Rittr Labs has specialized in fitness apps, neither of them are equivalent to other more complex cardio-apps, but to tell the truth, Push-ups is free with no ads.

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Jul 07, 2011

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