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Leave your phone at home and log it later with QuickLogger Fitness. Lugging your phone around can be inconvenient and in some cases, impossible. This application was designed to minimize time spent recording your fitness. An instant fitness level indicator based on activity type, workout days, intensity, and duration for a quick summary of the last 45 days. Many charts show details of specific workouts and overview of all activities to show progress.

- Super quick activity logging
- Fitness level indicator
- Specific logs for cycling, running, swimming - over 30+ activities
- Calculates calories burned, pace, speed, and more
- Charts to display history for specific activities and overall exercise program

There are 4 primary activities that can be chosen and are on the home screen for quick access. The rest of the 30+ fitness activities are accessed by the + in the menu. Each fitness activity allows for recording High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as well as standard fitness data. HIIT is a great way to remove plateaus is workout improvements.

In addition, each activity can be set to the routine workout that you normally do to make logging even faster.

Tracking fitness couldn't be easier!

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