RecordBeater - Music matching your steps.
RecordBeater detects your running rhythm and plays music with a beat matching your steps. Experience the feeling of running "in the zone" - when the beats from the music is matching your cadence!


Highlighted by Runners World NL. Listed in the Top 3 of smart Android apps by Danish mobile provider, Telenor.

* Automatically synchronize your music to your running steps.
* Pace yourself with faster music.
* Interval training and speed play with fast music.
* Race against your own records! (ghost run)
* Running programs for 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon training.
* Real time GPS Sports tracker.
* Voice feedback.
* Support for Zephyr Bluetooth Heart rate monitor (HxM).
* Check your pace, distance and duration in clear text during workouts.
* Free sample music package from Sportunes.
* Works without GPS for indoor workout (treadmill, indoor cycling).
* History with music play list.
* Review your tracks on Google Maps colour highlighted according to your pace.
* Share your workout through email, Twitter and Facebook.
* Upload to and
* Auto detection of your cadence.
* Auto beat-per-minute detection of your music.
* Auto pause.
* Auto start music when your cadence is detected.
* Cool alternative to running with a Metronom app (fixed cadence can be specified in Settings).
* Your virtual personal trainer.
* Perfect coach for every runner.

With RecordBeater Pro you are getting your own running virtual coach with running programs for getting you started running or running faster and/or longer. All features of the running programs are integrated with the unique music control of RecordBeater.

* Run 5K faster.
* Run 10K faster.
* Couch to 5K. (Aka "C25K" or "Couch-to-5K")
* From 10K to 1/2 marathon.


User reviews
* I have tried several running apps and this is by far the best (Scott)
* This is an amazing piece of software. (Dutch Gecko)
* I paid for CardioTrainer, i paid for Runkeeper. One run with RecordBeater made me realize i wasted my money. (...) (RecordBeater) is so many levels above what's out there now (WhoHasTheRuns)
* Makes pacing yourself easy. Never realised the effect high paced music has on my ability to push myself. (Rikke Salbøl)
* The music features made me switch from Endomondo.
* Like Upbeat Workouts and Synchstep for iPhone.

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