Sport is healthy, creates a attractive body, increases power and improves over all well-being. But only few people do sport, because many other tried it but start to procrastinate their activities and soon forget them at all.

RegularFit gives motivation to make sport an everlasting part of your live. Quickly add new activities with an easy user interface. Set a goal and visualize your success. A reminder not only supports continued training but also notifies you to update your stats.

As a simple benchmark for the intensity of your activities you might use burned calories. The web has easy to use calculators for that. Don't forget that sport can be dangerous too. Take expert advice or read related books, to do it right and gain maximum success.

Target group:
★ Beginners
★ Athletes looking for a easy to use application

★ New activities lead to a rise of the chart, but decay over time until further activities come into addition
★ Use plus button to add your weekly goal
★ Use plus button to add a new activity to your stats
★ On due the reminder adds a new entry to you status bar
★ "Menu > Edit Activities" lets create you your own activities
★ With "Menu > Time Frame" the length of your stats can be changed