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Try Relax and Meditation Melodies with poems specially composed for Your relaxation and meditation assistance !
Just sit Sit comfortably in a chair, outside, or lie down in a meadow and run this App. You can choose from four basic elements (fire, earth, storm and water), for every from these elements is prepared meditation and energizing track specially composed for this app by known composer of ambient music Aleš Velek. Every track is supported by appropriate poem and beautiful set of images corresponding with selected element. Everything is nice looking and simple app. Just close your eyes and open Your mind, trip into deep of your mind begins.

PLEASE: Do not add negative comment if app has not working on Your device, we tested app on lot of devices, but sometimes can app crash. If you discovered problem with app, please contact us before you leave any bad comment, we will help you to solve it.

★ App has this features:
✓ Four elements to select (fire, earth, storm and water)
✓ Four meditation and energizing tracks in high quality specially composed for this app
✓ Four poems specially chosen for this app
✓ Around 60 of images corresponding with selected element (15 for every element)
✓ Slideshow feature
✓ Feature recommend app to friend
✓ Individual sound volume adjustment
✓ Nice looking and simple minimalistic design

Purposes of App
✓ Rest and relaxation
✓ Improve Focus and reduce Anxiety to aid students study
✓ Daily stress reduction
✓ Help with insomnia, and aid better sleep to wake up refreshed
✓ Great way to begin meditation and mindfulness practices

★ 4 steps for nice relax:
1. Open
2. Select element and close Your eyes
3. Relax your body and mind during the meditation track
4. After ending of relaxation, wait a few minutes in relax, then open your eyes

★ Tags:
Relax, Meditation, Anti, Stress, Heal, Elements, Earth, Fire, Earth, Storm, Water, Ambient.

Tags: relaxing meditation pictures , 5 20 minutes relax

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