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    I struggle with both depression and anxiety, and these tapes have helped me
    find an inner peace, a way out of my "black hole". I can't even describe the
    calm and positive feeling that I achieve from listening to these visualizations and
    your soothing voice. I especially like the part about the "Light" in the Free from
    Depression and Anxiety cd. It generates such a positive aura.

    I have been using these tapes daily and I already see the benefits on my mind and

    Ann Marie Rillo, Chester, New Jersey

    I have at least 50 of these types of CDs from people, many of them famous, and
    this is by far the best. The bottom line simply is that this relaxation is magnificent,
    It’s tremendously healing. I have had wonderful insights.

    Barry Small, Palm Beach Florida

    Guided relaxations and visualizations are a powerful way to help you to release
    stress, relax, let go of anxiety and tension and reverse negative thought patterns.

    How to Use: Listen to our relaxations and visualizations any time you need to
    let go of stress, quiet the mind or release a negative thought pattern. Simply rest
    quietly, listen and let go!

    How it helps: Visualizations are a powerful way to create an internal visual picture
    of a positive experience. While listening to the visualization you integrate and
    accept these positive experiences into your feelings. It gives you peace, strength
    and the ability to move forward in life with openness, enthusiasm and energy for a
    more positive and happy you! You will sleep better, release tension and enjoy life
    more fully as a result.

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