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Awesome relaxation Music APP helps relieve anxiety, get rid of stress, eliminate
anger and helps to promote good deep sleeping.

People of all ages from unborn children, to toddlers, to teenagers and adults, all
the way through to older folks can enjoy nice relaxing music that helps
promote better mental health and sleep!

This APP comes with:

- 7 Relaxing songs mixed with nature sounds, good for spas, meditation, yoga,
sleeping or simply relaxing.

Included is: A sense of wonder, Ancient Air, Canyon Legacy, Enchanted Seashore,
Hidden Garden, Body & Soul and Longing.

Relaxing Melodies made to help those with panic attacks, anxiety, anger
and stress. Commonly Also used for help with sleeping or writing/working
and other such tasks.

- 7 Relaxing Songs / Lullabies For Unborn Children and toddlers.

Included is: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Version made to send off to sleep),
The counting song, The butterfly and 4 other soothing Lullabies.

- 4 2+ hour long nature sound tracks each!

Included is: Beach Sunrise & Open Waves, Relaxing Waterfall, Beach Wave Sounds and
Hot Springs/Early Morning Rainforest with Birds

Also Included is:

- 1 Free Game Download
- Free Security App Download To Secure Your Mobile

So if you want:

relaxing music for Sleeping
relaxing music for Spa
relaxing music for Stress
relaxing music for Anxiety
relaxing music for studying
relaxing music for work
relaxing music for writing
relaxing music for toddlers
relaxing music for the bath
relaxing music for yoga and meditation
relaxing music for unborn baby
relaxing music for puppies
relaxing music for panic attacks
relaxing music for babies
relaxing music for headaches
relaxing music for happiness
relaxing music for deep sleep

Then you need this app NOW!

No need to host the files on your phone, meaning you can listen to
them for free and save space on your phone too! We host the files
for you.

Depending on feedback I will update this APP with even more tracks so people
have a variety of choices each day to choose from.

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