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The Repetition Calculator allows you to do a lot more than calculate your one rep max! This application can show the weights you can lift through a variety of repetitions, not just single reps.

You can use it to compare your strength with others. See someone else in the gym benching 90kg for 6 reps while you are lifting 'just' 80kg for 10 reps? Use this calculator to discover that you are actually approximately the same strength.

Switch to and from low and high rep routines without the guesswork. Perhaps your bodybuilding routine consists of three cycles; one for strength, one for size and one for endurance (low, medium and high reps). This calculator will allow you to jump from one cycle to the next and predict your starting effective weight. Don't waste time guessing - use the most effective weight from the start.

Know which is more difficult: one extra rep or additional weight on the bar.

Plan your goals before you enter the gym. Know exactly what you should be lifting to for a given percentage increase in strength.

Upper and lower body musculature and leverages are different. They are treated differently by this application. Different formulas are used for both upper and lower body exercises.

Oh, and you can also use it to calculate your 1 rep max!

Note: It does not matter if you work in kilos or pounds - this application will work with both!

Since the inception of this app, no crash reports have ever been filed. Built to proper software standards and subjected to thorough unit testing this is a calculator you can trust.


This professional version has the following advantages over the free version:
* No adverts
* Contiguous reps
* Repetition Percentages
* Target Percentages
* Adjustable text sizes
* Landscape mode
* Remembers last state

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