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    Resist-A-Smoke is an app designed to keep track of the cigarettes you've resisted and the money you have saved when you resist a cigarette.
    This app's is designed to unconsciously reduce the cigarettes smoked by associating a specific sound and action to the act of resisting a cigarette,

    With the help of a cool widget, you can report anytime from your home screen.

    The money saved can later be used to spend on things you want.
    You can reset your "Piggy Bank" at any time by clicking the pink piggy bank image and start saving again.
    Don't worry, you will still be able to see all your resisting history and statistics at the "Stats" screen.

    Share your achievements with your Facebook / Google+ / Twitter friends and motivate them to do better!
    Note: All cigarette prices are an average price according to the Minimum Cigarette Price Information as issued by the government of the current Country.

    You can always override these prices in the "Settings" page, "Advanced" section.

    Live healthy and save money :)