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    Live fit and get ripped with the new Android app from RipFire. The top muscle-building supplement brings you workout and nutrition tips from the pros. It’s everything you need to help you reach your goals … right in the palm of your hand!

    With the RipFire Fitness Accelerator, you’ll get the latest news and articles on strength training and bodybuilding science, plus tips and how-to’s from pro athletes, MMA fighters and fitness experts. It’s hands-on advice you can use to build muscle, shed fat and get in your best shape ever.

    - Proper post-workout nutrition
    - The secrets to a better bench press
    - 5 breakfasts to build muscle fast
    - Shock your muscles for maximum gains!
    - Muscle-building myths and mistakes to avoid
    - 3 steps to burning fat
    - How Chris Hemsworth got ripped for his role as Thor
    - Muscle strength to promote a long lifespan
    - The facts about protein powders
    - Vegetarian dishes for bodybuilders
    - The connection between lean muscle and calorie burning
    - Jennifer Nicole Lee shows moms how to get ripped
    - How to ease into new exercises to prevent injury

    Plus, we are constantly adding new features to The RipFire Fitness Accelerator. Here’s a look at some of our upcoming features:

    Muscle Calculator
    Get your Body Mass Index and see if you’re underweight, overweight or the ideal weight at-a-glance.

    Activity Calculator
    Track how many calories you’ve burned lifting weights, running or doing just about any activity.

    Calorie Calculator
    Want to know how many calories you should eat to reach your weight loss or weight gain goals? This feature will tell you!

    Protein Calculator
    You need protein to grow muscle, and we’ll show you exactly how much protein you need to get where you want to be.

    Max Rep
    See what your ideal workout weight is for any exercise.

    The App checks for new features each time it loads. When it detects that there are new features available, it downloads them from the server automatically.

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