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Call it eating right, or even eating seasonally, it all amounts to taking back your taste buds.

Here’s the basic idea behind eating seasonally:

- Saves Money: When produce is in season locally it is in abundance, which makes it less expensive.
- The taste: When food is not in season it is usually grown in a hothouse or shipped from other parts of the world, which both affect the taste. Foods lose flavor just as they lose moisture. Fresh, local foods are full of flavor.
- All year variety: Round out your taste buds by eating per the season.
- Save Nutrients and Flavor: Simply put; eating fresh and locally allows the nutrients in foods to be fresh and perfect for your body to absorb. When food is transported it loses nutrients in the process as well as quality. In addition to that, preservation methods are usually used, such as the layer of wax coating used to ‘beautify’ and preserve apples etc... These methods further affect quality and nutritional value, making eating locally a safer option as well.

But if you’re looking at this app and downloading it, you probably already know the benefits of eating locally and in season.

So spread the word!

Another important concept is making sure your buy from an establishment that cares about their produce. I cannot count how many times my family and I have took back rotted fruits and vegetables to grocery stores, we finally made the decision to find a farmers market to shop at.
We traded conveyance for our health and taste buds.
It’s time to take back our taste buds, and in doing so healthy eating becomes unconscious, automatic and desirable.

The information in this app is directly from the USDA website.

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