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Gratitude reminders twice daily, keep track of what you're thankful for

  • Reminds you to be thankful twice a day
  • Simple design does what it purports to do
  • Ugly ads
  • Perhaps too cheesy for some

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"I'm grateful that this app is free"

When your mood's as cold and damp as the beginning of winter, sometimes you need a reminder that there are scads (scads!) of things in your life to be thankful for. ShreeK's Secret of Happiness app will give you two such reminders, plus offer a way to keep track of your gratitude.

It couldn't be simpler - tell the app the two hours of the day when you want to be reminded to write. You'll receive a push notification at those times to enter in three different items in your life that you feel grateful for, plus one thing you'd like to accomplish today. The developer suggests trying it for 30 days in order to train your brain to think positively, which might actually work - tracking anything is the time-tested way to create and keep good habits.

The ad at the top of the calming background sunset-on-the-beach photo is a bit distracting from the happiness experience, and it's perhaps too easy to dismiss the whole thing as too cheesy. However, there's nothing false about saying thanks for the good in your life - and it's free, so why not?

ShreeK's Secret of Happiness app is simple, and definitely worth a shot.

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