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Lose weight with Calories In-Out. What is your balance, between consumed and burned calories? Are you getting leaner or fatter? This automated and validated app will tell you. How long have you been sitting today? This app will show you. How much calories you have burned today? What is your BMI? Find out what's your day to day activity level. No extra devices or GPS needed. Just start this app and put your phone in your pocket. Download now!

It's FUN! See how the Pyramid of your daily activity develops during the day. This will give you a clear picture what is your daily activity profile. It's easy to follow the differences between days and learn how to be more active and feel better!

TIP: Based on our test group feedback we highly recommend to use Aggressive mode with following phones: LG, ZTE, HTC (lower than 4.0 OS). You will find it from settings >>> Operation level.

Sensorfit Calories In-Out is great when you want to lose weight and take better care of yourself. Did you know that too much sitting and lack of calorie burning (activity) can really damage your health. With this app you can follow both automatically. App shows how many calories you burn, what is your daily sitting time and your BMI.

Professionals say that in managing and losing weight or overall health it's far more important how you use those 23 hours a day when you are not exercising at the gym or making your cardio training. Daily physical activity or inactivity are the key points to lose weight, weight management and overall health.

Download now and start start taking better care of yourself. This app helps you to get and maintain your ideal weight and keeps you active.


There is over 400 different Android phones so there might be problems with some phone models. We have already tested with: Samsung, HTC.

We hope that you inform us if you find bugs or if you have an idea what features you like to have: All feedback is warmly welcomed!

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