Shiatsu foot massager



From under the feet leave all the energy points of the body so the massage of the feet increases efficiency.
This application uses the phone vibration of Western technology and combines it with the theory of Chinese medicine and philosophy Shiatsu.
This will achieve the following results: relieve pain, accelerate blood circulation, eliminate toxins, enhance the skin, relieve fatigue, etc.. This program is especially suitable for people subject to full stress and fatigue, for middle-aged people, elderly people with ee health problems.
Tips for the foot massage:
the feet are a very sensitive part of our body then, first of all, ask your masseuse to warm the oil in your hands before you start!
The foot should be held steady with one hand under the heel, the other must make a continuous pressure on the sole towards the heel starting dall'alluce
going to the back of the foot, the pressure must be exerted by vertical movements of the thumb from the base of each finger to the ankle
we return now to the plant to perform the massage with the vertical fist, using only his knuckles, starting from the base of the toes to the heel. The foot should be kept with your other hand on her back, her fingers
let all hours massaging the sole of the foot with the palm of your hand, making circular motions
circular movements must now be made only with your thumb, massage the whole plant and dwelling especially at the base of the fingers
Let us now turn to the fingers, going to a massage from base to tip, squeezing gently between thumb and forefinger
we end with a flourish with a vigorous massage with both hands, which will start from the calf and slowly come to an end with the tip of your fingers. It will serve to gather - even metaphorically - all the accumulated tension in the legs and throw it away, forcing it to emerge from the tip of your fingers. Also good for reflexology study.

WARNING: This application is purely fanciful and has no
proven benefit from the medical point of view. For people with foot problems you should consult a doctor, this product when used improperly can make the problem worse.

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