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!-!-!-! This app is end-dated for 1/31/13 !-!-!-!

This app will be removed from Google Play on January 31st, 2013. Download the Shoe Tracker app from TouchWorks Dev Shop to continue enjoying tracking mileage on your shoes.

Shoe Tracker is one of the first apps to keep a running mileage tally of your shoes. No more guessing how many miles are on this pair Adidas or that pair of Vibrams.

Shoe Tracker gives you a gauge for how quickly your shoes are wearing (or how close you are to getting new ones). This green-yellow-orange-red bar gives you a visual for the wear on your shoes. The wear bar is based on a scientific calculation of make and model, miles, terrain and time of year you record events.

Shoe Tracker records what type of terrain you ran on, how many miles you ran and when you ran them for a full history on your shoes.

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