Simple Calorie Counter



A simple calorie counting app.

Enter the number of calories consumed and a description, press "Add Calories" and it keeps track.

Enter the number of calories burned and a description, press "Burned Calories and it also keeps track.

At the bottom is a table of your Total Calories Taken in, Total Calories Burned, and Totals calories taken in minus calories burned.

(NEW) Menu feature. Press the menu button on the android device and you can now toggle between AM/PM time stamp format.

(NEW) Menu feature. There is now a history menu option. Press the menu button on the android device and you can view a 25 day history of your calorie intake and calories burned.

---Possible Future Updates---
-A widget! For even easier calorie entry.
-A built in step counter.
(Well see... this is my first android app)
If you have any ideas you would like to see built in, please let me know by leaving a comment, or by emailing me at

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