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    Simply Walking is intended as a daily companion for the avid walker ( or Runner )

    No Account or personal data required. Data resides strictly on your phone.

    Download the application, tap the start button and begin walking. It is that simple.
    Turning off the screen or locking the screen will NOT interrupt the walk.

    This is a GPS ( Global Positioning System ) walking application which displays and records:

    - Elapsed Time
    - Distance in Miles and Kilometers
    - Pace/Speed in Miles/Hour and Kilometers/Hour
    - Steps - Configurable
    - Calories Burned - Configurable
    - Maps ( current and historic )
    - Charts for accumulated walks - ( Enabled after two walks are complete )

    New features in 1.3.0
    - GPS monitoring
    Configurable GPS settings
    - Minimum distance between recorded points
    - Reset counter when first GPS coord received
    Larger start button
    Settings for Calories in Kj
    Expanded history
    Cosmetic changes

    Please contact if you have problems.
    (help/feedback on the main screen)

    History ( Clock Icon )

    A history of recent walks. Up to 50 walks are retained. Tapping an entry on this page brings up
    the associated map. Walks will age off over time with the 50 newest walks being retained.

    Map ( Earth Icon )

    A map of the current walk or the most recent walk if no walk is active.
    ( enabled as soon as the first map coordinate is available )

    Map menu supports the following views: Street, Map and Hybrid.

    Map updates automatically as you walk.

    The slowest 10 percent of the total distance walked is highlighted with an red/orange line. This identifies
    places in the walk where pace has not been maintained.

    Charts ( Chart Icon )

    Charts are available as soon as you have two or more walks.

    The charts will display bar graphs where each bar represents a walk.

    Use the charts to check trends in pace and distance over time.

    The gray line is the average pace.

    Settings: ( 3 dots upper right )

    Hide Background - Hides background pictures ( black screen )

    Use Cell Network - Improved GPS accuracy when GPS coverage is spotty.

    Minimum GPS Distance - Can be used to tune the accuracy of your path based on frequency of recordings.
    Setting this value higher on some phones with marginal GPS support will reduce
    walks that "Jump" around as you walk. As a rule this should not happen on most

    Reset when GPS Starts - Reset the time counter when the first GPS signal is received.

    Calories in Kilojoules - Show calories in Kilojoules ( Australian )

    Calories - Enter weight in Kilos or Lbs to improve calorie accuracy ( default 180 )

    Steps - Enter steps/mile ( your average ) to improve steps accuracy ( default 2500 )


    Email walking data for the most recent walk or all walks. Exports are available in GPX and CSV values.

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