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Simply Walking is intended as a daily companion for the avid walker ( or Runner )

This is a GPS ( Global Positioning System ) based walking application which displays and records:

- Elapsed Time
- Distance in Miles and Kilometers
- Pace/Speed in Miles/Hour and Kilometers/Hour
- Steps - Configurable
- Calories Burned - Configurable
- Maps ( current and historic )
- Charts for accumulated walks

The menu is accessible from the 3 dots on the upper right or the hard menu at the bottom of the phone.
From the menu you may adjust Steps/Mile and your Weight (changes calories burned)

There is no account to set up and all data resides on your phone. No server component.
Download the application, tap the start button and begin walking. It is that simple.

Turning off the screen or locking the screen will NOT interrupt the walk.

Please contact if you have any problems.


The "clock" icon will take to to history. This page has a history of your most recent walks. Up to 25 are
retained. Tap an individual entry on this page to view the associated map.


The "earth" tapped from the home screen this displays the current ( active ) walk and/or the
most recent walk. This feature become enabled as soon as there is map data to display.

Accessing the menu from the map screen lets you switch between Street , Map VIew and Hybrid views.

The map for a walk in progress will update periodically as you walk.

The slowest 1/4 of the total distance walked is highlighted with an red/orange line. This allows the walker to identify places where they are not maintaining pace.


Charts are available as soon as you have two or more walks. The charts will display bar graphs where each bar
is an individual walk. This allows you to check trends in pace and distance over time. The gray line is the average


Steps are based on the average number of steps taken while walking one mile.

Most phone pedometers are based on the use of an Accelerometer. Depending on where the phone is carried this method can be highly inaccurate.

The number of steps walked in a mile is defaulted to 2500.

This value may be changed from the options menu ( Steps )

"Calibrate Steps" allows you to calibrate this value by walking 100 steps.

Tap the Calibrate button ( which will change to display "Done" ). Walk 100 steps in a more or less straight line and then tap "Done". The number displayed will change.

This value may also be entered manually by tapping on the number display.


Calories are calculated based on distance traveled for a person of average height and weight.

This calculation is based on weight and pace. The weight used may be changed from
the Calories screen.


The export function allows you to send an email with all of some of your walking data.

The data is sent in CSV format ( Comma Separated Values ). By default the data is embedded in the body of the
email. Optionally it may be sent as an attachment.

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