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Comedogenic ingredients, commonly added to skin care and makeup or cosmetic products clog skin's pores, resulting in pimples. Skingredients will help you spot acne causing ingredients in a product before you buy it. This is an app for analyzing cosmetic ingredients. Take a photo of the ingredients on the label and know instantly if it will suit acne prone skin or not. Always carry Skingredients with you!

** Note - the crash reported by some users has been fixed **

How to use
1. If you are near the product- Launch Skingredients -> click on the camera icon -> take a sharp photo of the ingredients.
2. Otherwise, while researching for a product on the Internet, select and 'share' the ingredient list (from within the browser window) with Skingredients.

That's it! You can save the results for future reference too.


* Instant Results *
Know if the product is good for you instantly. As you browse the aisles of a store, run Skingredients on one product or many. Simply take a photo of ingredients right in the store, then decide right there.

* Check ingredients while browsing *
Very handy when you are reviewing or researching products. Just select the list of ingredients in the web page/email/sms/note you are in and 'share' it with this app. Skingredients will scan this shared ingredients list and tell you the result instantly.

* Prevent breakouts *
Skingredients makes quick work of scanning an ingredient list for hundreds of possibly comedogenic ingredients. So you don't have to keep mental notes or remember complex ingredient names.

* Save money *
Save money and frustration by checking if a product is suitable for acne prone skin, before you buy it.

* Works worldwide *
Skingredients is not country-specific or product-specific. It works on all products anywhere in the world as long as you can take a photo of the ingredients, or share ingredients list with it.

* Ingredient look up *
Easily look up any ingredient in Skingredient's huge database to learn why exactly it is added to products.

For app support, reach us at:

Things to know

* Read the in-app tips in App Home Screen -> Menu -> Help -> Detailed Help to see the tips to take sharp photos that result in great scans.
* This version is not tested on tablets. If you find a problem in the functioning of the app on tablets, please let us know.

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