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*PLEASE NOT THIS APP SKIPS ON ANDROID 4 - 4.03. It's and well documented OS bug, that Android is fixing soon (we hope) *

Medically speaking you need a great nights sleep. And who doesn’t love the rain? Don’t you wish you could make it rain at your own choosing?

We can’t help with Global Warming but we can help you fall asleep at night, relax at work or escape the city crowd. Designed for any eco – conscious person, or rain starved victim of global drought. Sleepmaker Rain is also perfectly safe to help young children and infants fall asleep.

Sleepmaker Rain PRO contains just that. Pure, Natural Rain. These are real rain recordings NOT rain effects. All perfectly looped by a motion picture Sound Engineer, and recorded in Digital Uncompressed Formats. recorded live from the pristine wilderness of World Heritage Listed Forests.


I work a rotating shift work, and I often have trouble getting sleep when changing shifts. I've tried a couple other apps, but they never work as consistently as the Rainmaker. This app is a Godsend to me! Keep up the great work!!
by Bigyor

This is simply the best app I have come across! I love thunderstorms and the one on here are perfect. I use it to fall asleep or just relax and it works for both. Highly recommended!
by Punda79

I have the single apps and the work great. I don't think I will get the all in one just because I've already paid for all the other pro sleepmaker apps. However I must say if you suffer from insomnia, check these out! It would take about an hour for me to fall asleep when I first started using the app and that was on an exhausting day. Over time, maybe 2 - 3 months, it started taking me about 15 minutes. Now I don't need the app and I'm falling asleep on my own in 10 minutes, exhausted or not. I used to take melatonin to help me sleep and now I don't even need that!! I feel better in the morning and I feel like my insomnia is cured, and I've tried everything short of real sleeping pills. Any of the sleepmaker apps are worth it. Especially if you just cannot fall asleep no matter what you do. :) Relax, and have a good nights sleep!
by StarryLizzie

√ No Ads
√ Easier operation at night

√ Automatic function to fade tracks out
√ Programable 24 hour sleep timer
√ Standby mode to save battery life
√ Animation track display
√ Animation timer display

Sleepmaker Rain Pro includes 24 tracks featuring 3 different forces of rainfall:

Rain against windows with wind
Constant fall
Drops down gutters
Onto canvas
Onto forest foliage
Onto porch roof
Overspill out of guttering
Rain running off decking
Rain with distant thunder

Overspill out of guttering
Steady with puddles
Rain against windows
Constant fall
Outside rain
Onto ground
Rain onto interior car roof
Onto tin roof
Outside falls
Medium downpour
Falling off porch
Raining onto Concrete
With trickling puddles

Torrential downpour
Rain against windows

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