Slow Carb

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    Achieve better results with your fat loss by using the Slow Carb App ™ Any fat loss regime will benefit from using this app at every meal and weigh-in.

    "Awesome app! Kept me on track and the fat loss kept going and going!"

    LOSE FAT - record and share each meal with the world.

    LOSE INCHES - track and share all your measurements.

    LOOK GREAT - cook slow carb meals from the recipe book.

    Whether you are following that guy's recent best selling book (which he doesn't want me to mention), or Paleo, or any other fat loss regime you need to use the Slow Carb App™. It ensures that you are accountable and mindful of all food you consume.

    Whether you like to cook a week's worth of food at once, or need variety in your slow carb meals, you must use the recipe library to get delicious slow carb meals

    Designed by someone who has lost over 40lbs this year by easting slow carb and doing exactly what this app does. Slow Carb App ™is the digital version of what they needed to achieve such great results and you can too. Start losing - download now!

    Measurements - Record your body fat, weight, and body part measurements on a daily (or any time-frame) basis. The app will plot a graph for the progress of each measurement which you can share with your social media or access via the app for personal use. No more spreadsheets!

    Track Meals - Take pictures of every meal you eat and share with your social media friends or use for personal records. Research shows being mindful of what you eat increases your fat loss, and taking pictures is the easiest way to do that. Sharing keeps you accountable and others interested in your progress. Lose more quicker!

    Recipes - Fully browsable recipes that will fit into most slow carb regimes. Suggestions on how to modify them included. Delicious pictures will have your mouth watering even as you lose weight. Slow carb, big taste!