Smokeless SOLOE Plus

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    SmokeLess Soloe is a simple cigarette logger and planner app that helps you to reduce your cigarette consumption.
    It can even help you kick the habit entirely. Soloe (Smoke One Less Or Equal than yesterday) responds to a very simple promise--your promise--to smoke less.
    Configure the hour you wake up, the interval (time between cigarettes), and the offset (the amount in minutes you want to increase the gap between smokes every day), and you're on your way.

    - Reduce your cigarette consumption
    - Configure your smoking habits
    - Log your smoked cigarettes
    - Compare yourself against the others app users
    - Track your savings and smoking with the consumption and savings reports
    - See how healthy you get while not smoking
    - English and spanish localization

    Take it as a Game!
    Reach the green level and quit smoking. If you reach the green level, you will have more choices of success.