Snake Massage




    Massage is basically done to aid in healing, promote relaxation and well being. Technically the dictionary definition can be stated as the manipulating of superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues using various techniques.
    Massage techniques can vary depending upon the part of the body on which the massage needs to be performed. Some of the techniques are acupressure, ayurvedic, deep tissue and much more.
    Nowadays so many new, adventurous, exciting, refreshing and relaxing ways are invented to rejuvenate your body and help reducing stress from your hectic schedule. The information that this application provides is SNAKE MASSAGE
    This application tells you about how the origin of this massage happened, type of snakes and their sizes used in the massage therapy and much more.
    Features of App are:-
    1) Swipe the screen left and right to view other pages.
    2) Share info with others via SMS, g-mail, email, facebook, twitter etc.
    3) Easy handling and user friendly interface provided.
    So groove into the application and know much more about this special kind of massage therapy and experience this new adventurous session.