SOSlocation can save your life



SOSlocation can save your life!

SOSlocation once launched, will periodically locate you (depending on the user configuration )

If SOSlocation detects that in a period of time your position has not changed, it will think that you are in trouble, and an alarm will sound to advise you.

If you don't turn off the alarm in less than 90 seconds it will send an E-mail and/or SMS to the contacts that you have chosen, with an optional text that you can write yourself, or use the default text. At the same time, SOSlocation will add to the email a link with your coordinates.
The person that will receive the email or SMS, can click onto the link, and automatically Google Maps will be opened with your exact position.

Important: With SOSlocation, this process is automatic, user interaction is not necessary at all .

This application will follow and take care for you , by keeping you located for your loved ones in all your favorite activities , cycling,walking, hiking, skiing, mountain trekking, hunting, and any other activity that involves movement.

SOSlocation, is especially recommended for people with heart problems, epilepsy, asthma, allergies and for any person that likes to do any type of outdoor sport.
SOSlocation is so easy for anyone to use. Just follow these three steps:

1.- Download the program

2.- Insert the contact details in the email and/or SMS list
** Why SMS? Remember that your email messages do not work without Internet, and is not
always possible to have a 3G line or similar around.

3.- Just USE IT!!

When SOSlocation is working ("RUN"), it will do all the work in the background. You can use your phone normally (listen to music, play movies, send messages, get incoming calls etc...) SOSlocation only stops when you click the stop button.

SOSlocation knows that battery life is very important, and for this reason it is optimized for the minimum use of the battery in all of its functions, for example, it uses the GPS module, turning on or turning off only when it is necessary.