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    Sound and music were used for the purpose of healing and expansion of consciousness since ancient times by many spiritual and sacred traditions.The app is intended to encourage you to reconnect you with various forgotten healing methods from earlier times. They should arise your desire to experiment. The applications are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and therapy or treatment .It also guarantees no health improvements and does not promise healing. Make your own experiences and then decide if the application is good for you.

    Use your smartphone if possible in "airplane mode" to avoid disturbing frequencies.
    Try to use the sounds on different parts of your bocy and with different volume levels.

    The skin will also recognize for the ear inaudible vibrations, so you don't have to tune up the volume to much. Put the phone with the speaker side on the area to be treated. You can also experiment with externally connected small active speakers .Enjoy it!

    The PRO version (In-APP buy) contains a menu item "your sound massage".
    Many different instruments (41 sounds) are "randomly" chipped and so compose your sound massage. The time is "infinity", or until you quit the application.

    With the PRO version you can also play the complete frequencies from the Solfeggio Matrix (Angelic - Natural)


    Most diseases have set a spiritual cause. The way we think and act leads to energy blockages in our human body,, solidified energy. Diseases are seen as manifesting energies that can not flow when things are not brought back into balance.


    The sounds of Chakraphone resonate with the energy centers (chakras). It consists of 14 harmonically rich sound bars, with the main energy centers (chakras) of the people standing in natural resonance. The vibration causes a gradual letting go of thoughts.The app does not replace a real Chakraphone because you can not reproduce the harmonics outside the audible range. Experiment whether an effect can already be achieved with the vibrations of the audible range.

    Healing frequencies

    The available frequencies are pure sine waves. In this form, some frequencies are even used in research / science today, including for DNA repair.In particular, the Solfeggio frequencies are from time immemorial have healing effects.The individual frequencies are attributed to the following effects:

    396 hz - liberation from guilt and fear
    417 hz - resonance, change
    432 hz - healing, awareness. mental expansion
    528 Hz - DNA Repair, miracle, transformation
    639 hz - harmonious relations
    741 hz - awakening intuition
    852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order
    936 hz - Pineal Gland Activation
    963 hz - communication with the divine, higher dimensions

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