Stay Young 2013

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    How to stay young you ask? What’s the purpose of staying young, you ask. Well, there are a lot of positive aspects of staying young in a person’s life. Staying young is something that is in demand now. There are many ways that you can look and feel that way, especially without having to shell out a lot of money.
    How you do define being “young”? Being youthful describes a state of mind, body and heart. Being young usually refers to being healthy and that your mind is sharp. It is important to a lot of people as to why they would not want to age.
    Some people know that aging can present some effects that they don’t want others to see. It can also slow them down from functioning, which is something a lot of people don’t want.
    The Factors Of Aging
    The aging process is not always a pretty sight. It causes changes that affect you internally as well as externally. The two places that they are noticeable are the hair and the skin. You can also feel a difference in your tissues and cells, but you won’t see them. However, you may feel them inside your body. When you age, it affects each cell in your body.
    The presence of fat comes about on your tissues and other organs inside your body. Because of this, your organs slowly start losing cells and your body doesn’t function like it used to. Your bones, muscles and skin began to get stiff.
    The cell membranes lose their ability to retain oxygen and start releasing carbon dioxide. Since there are so many cells in your body, you probably won’t recognize that your body is constantly losing cells and therefore your body’s ability to function is weakened.
    When cells disappear, your organs start acting different. With some people, they can start aging as early as 40 or 50 years old. When you age, your blood circulation is affected. There’s the possibility of you losing your memory slowly. You could suffer from other health problems. Even with that, you may not notice under you get up in age.
    Did you know that some of the medications you take may actually contribute to aging prematurely? Some of the medications on the market today are Read on