Strep Throat



Strep Throat Information and Help is the app that gives you lots of great information about this problem and ideas on how to make things better for you.

Strep Throat Home Remedies
Avoiding Colds and Flu Naturally
Common Cold Care and Prevention
Fighting Bacterial Infections
Homeopathic Home Remedies
Herbal Remedies For Sore Throat and Hoarseness
Tonsils and Tonsillitis in Children
The Health Benefits of Echinacea
Cold or Flu? Which is it?
Common Cold: As Common As The Air We Breathe

This app includes some free bonuses for you:

A Notepad so that you can take note of thoughts or ideas as you go through the app.

A Calender that you can use specifically for this app and anything that you need to plan, remember or do in connection with it.

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