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Stress is a state of strain, whether physical or psychological. We most often think of stress as caused by negative events or situations, but stress can be caused by positive things as well, like a new job, an approaching wedding, or buying a new house. Stress has a tremendous influence on our feelings, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

We need to manage not only the degree of our stress but also our skill level in coping with various stressors.

Anxiety is a sense of impending doom, or a general feeling of fear whose cause cannot be identified. Anxiety can envelope us like a dark shroud, giving rise to what are commonly referred to as panic attacks. These can and often do produce heart palpitations or a tightening in the throat, chest and stomach. They may immobilize us, leaving us unable to take “flight” or give “fight.”

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If we fail to manage our stress, over time the side effects of unresolved stress build up, revealing themselves in a variety of physical and behavioral symptoms. Stress ages us more quickly and weakens our immune system, depleting the very resources we need to fight against incoming stress.

Stress can intensify, creating fears that give rise to anxiety and panic disorders. These may go unrecognized and unresolved and become part of our daily lives. We may become comfortable with an uncomfortable lifestyle, feeling it is completely normal. Stress can produce the appearance of being "on edge" all the time or displaying anger inappropriately.

Chronic unresolved stress has a multitude of negative effects on the individual, both physical and behavioral.

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