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Stress Check by Azumio's review

Quantify your stress according to your heart rate

  • Seemingly scientific
  • Can track stress levels over time
  • Feels neato to put your finger over the camera lens
  • Who knows if it really works
  • Why do you need an app to tell you how you feel?

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"But tell me how you really feel"

Whether it's feeling overloaded at work, dining with our beloved mother-in-laws, or attempting to gather up the chutzpah to ask the head cheerleader out to the prom, we all get stressed the heck out at times. Whip out Azumio Inc.'s Stress Check at these crucial moments, and you'll quickly be able to quantify just how badly you're dealing with it.

The app uses the camera and light features on your device to measure your heart rate over approximately two minutes. It uses the time variations between beats to come up with your HRV (Heart Rate Variability), which supposedly is a good indicator of how stressed you are. With an Azumio account, it's possible to save and track your stress levels over time.

I tried it, and was told that my stress levels are low. I mean, grand. Does it actually work? I feel pretty good today. Did I need an app to tell me that?

Azumio Inc.'s Stress Check is potentially useful if you're not good at reading your own stress levels and would like an app to tell you what's up.

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