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    TakeBreak is a stretching and eye exercises app which notifies you when you need to take a break. Taking breaks at least every 45 minutes is very important to your health. The stretch exercises will help you to lower or even eliminate your neck, back, waist or shoulder pains and eye exercises will make your eyes stronger and your vision better. The program has 15 exercises and takes approximately 3-4 minutes to finish.

    The Benefits of Stretching
    • Improves circulation and boosts your immunity
    • Improves balance and coordination
    • Helps alleviate or even eliminate neck, back, waist and shoulder pains
    • Helps you lose weight by burning fats
    • Makes you feel more energized and relaxed

    The Benefits of Eye Exercises
    Our eyes need regular exercise to keep them healthy. Especially if you spend lots of time in front of computer or TV. Regularly exercising your eyes will naturally improve your vision and prevent you from wearing glasses.

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