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Guided, focused, randomized circuit training in 30" intervals instructional images/videos

  • Many different exercises
  • Instructional images and video
  • Customization by exercise type and length of workout
  • Video takes too long to load
  • Notification ding too soft

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"I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it"

There's admittedly a certain unique charm held exclusively by drill-sergeant fitness instructors, but perhaps you'd prefer to take your circuit training minus the shrieking. Ryan Hanna's Sworkit is for you.

Choose between two broad categories of movements first, either Strength Training or Yoga, Cardio, & More. From there you'll be prompted to specify - do you want to work your whole body, or focus on core strength? There's light warm up activities available as well, plus guided stretching from head to toe. Select how many minutes you'd like to workout from 5 - 60, and you're all set to sweat.

The app will guide you through activities matching your chosen category in intervals of 30 seconds each, dinging to signify a change to the next movement and prompting a rest period each two minutes. All exercises are indicated by corresponding still images, plus an additional real-life video in case it's still unclear what you need to do. Best of all, no exercise requires any extra equipment - no resistance bands, no free weights, and definitely no gym membership.

Once you're finished with your workout, the app will inform you of a few stats (time spent, calories burned) and offer you the opportunity to "challenge a friend" over social media.

A few complaints: if you're in the middle of a workout and suddenly find that you need to check out the video in order to know what to do, the video has to take a few precious panting seconds to load, which is rather inconvenient. The "ding" that signifies when each 30 seconds are up is also not nearly loud enough, particularly if you're playing any kind of music along with your exercise.

Still, Ryan Hanna's Sworkit is a solid addition to the apps that enable folks to keep in shape without submitting to the tyranny of the gym.

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