The Air of Madrid



The City Council of Madrid offers you an application that allows users to know, in real time, the air quality of the City of Madrid.

Information is disseminated through the quality indexes. The quality indexes let you know, in a clearly, directly and quickly way, the quality of the air we breathe. For each pollutant, information is also spread through the numerical data recorded at each measuring point.

This tool is updated hourly, with data provided by the monitoring system of air quality of the City of Madrid.

The "Econsultas" are a useful and practical guide that gives simple ideas and recommendations for the users, in order to be aware of the importance of the air we breathe and that they can contribute, in their daily lives, to improve the air quality of Madrid.

The "Contaminantes" section shows information about the most important legislated pollutants, describing his behavior and giving the legal limits.

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