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Are you and your significant other/partner thinking about having a child/children, already trying to conceive (ttc), or experiencing infertility? This app was designed to help couples optimize their chances of getting pregnant. A personalized menstrual calendar is provided to help guide you and your girlfriend/spouse through what is going on during each day of her cycle and when to have sex. Also included are facts, suggestions, and life style changes to optimize conception. Created by a couple who defeated infertility by using these tips. We guarantee the information provided will help you along your journey! Very thorough and informative! Don’t hesitate to ACT NOW!

✓ Easy to use

✓ Personalized notifications to tell you when to have baby making love

✓ Invaluable facts, tips, and suggestions

✓ Maximize your odds of conceiving each month

✓ Know when to seek medical assistance

Do any of these apply to you? If you can say yes to even ONE of these, then buy this app NOW! You will thank me. This is straight forward advice coming from one Dad to another soon-to-be Dad on how to achieve pregnancy fast!

• Do you want to be a Dad?
• Taking longer than you expected?
• Frustrated?
• Does she cry every time she gets her period? Possible infertility?
• Didn’t happen the 1st month?
• Do you know when ovulation happens?
• Vasectomy reversal?
• Problems with your sperm count or quality?
• Shooting blanks?
• How many days are in a woman’s cycle?
• How long can sperm live inside of a woman?
• How long does an egg live once it is ovulated?
• Travel? This app helps plan trips around ovulation
• When to see a doctor/reproductive endocrinologist?

It’s ironic – We don’t worry about having a baby; we worry about making one too early! We grow up being taught to avoid sex, to take every precaution to prevent pregnancy, to be responsible and accountable for your actions, which you should-but then it comes time to make a baby and it doesn’t happen. WTF?!? We assume that having an infant is the easiest thing in the world, its just part of human nature. Flash back to middle school sex ed- we learn sex equals a baby every time, right? Now, the present- your girl is standing in front of you with a negative pregnancy test, tears streaming down her face, and you feel like the biggest reproductive loser on the planet. It feels as if you have been slapped in the face by reproduction herself. A baby is not a guarantee; It doesn’t always happen when we want. But that is when this app comes into play. All hope is not lost; you can still have a baby.

After my wife and I went through infertility, I decided to design this app to help those wanting to get pregnant or struggling. As a guy, I learned SO many things along the way that I had no clue could impact my ability to father a child. I have combined all the information we gained along our journey. This knowledge comes from many books and research we read on infertility, as well as countless specialists we saw, and I can’t forget all the shared experiences with the wonderful and brave people we met along the way that were facing similar issues and challenges as we were.

With this app you will learn all about the every day things that can impact your fertility. It is a step by step guide that will lead you through every aspect of baby making. I assure you that by adopting only a few of these tips you will have her pregnant fast!

There are two parts to this app:

1) A library of critical information to help you learn what to do to keep your sperm healthy and in tip-top gold medal swimming condition. **Please read very carefully and take special note on the sections that discuss what will kill or damage sperm as this will GREATLY impact the time it will take to conceive. **

2) There is a scheduling component with notifications that will help you time baby making to the very day.

With the combination and application of these two features you will be picking out baby names in no time!

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